Greg and Andrew and the guys behind Rott Owners the parent company that is behind this brand. We are enthusiastic about dogs in general being certified dog trainers and lovers more specifically being drawn to rottweilers for no real reason but love.

About Rott Owners


Welcome to Rott Owners, your reliable hub for dog product testing, reviews, and game-improving instruction on how you can raise your canines- hopefully breed. Our website offers first-hand experiences, advice, and tips for golfers from experienced dog breeders around the world.

Mission Statement

At Rottweiler Owners/Rott Owners, we’re on a mission to help you make good decisions about breeding equipment, foods, or supplements and accessories you purchase and to aid you in improving how you raise your dogs with proven breeding instructions, tips, and guides.

Our Story

Founded in 2018, Rott Owners was born out of my love for dogs in general and then the growing interest we had in rottweilers until we made it an official business – of course with the the desire to share that passion with others. What began as a single-writer hobby, has grown consistently over the years. Our website interacts with over 1000 visitors each day. This has helped us improve the team tremendously.

Who We Are

With an experienced team of dog lovers including our founder, who is a renowned vet in our region, and a legion of other dog lovers. We not only rare rottweilers but also have shepherds, pit bulls among others.

Our Responsibility

At Rott Owners, we believe in transparency, integrity, and impartiality. We test all of the equipment we review extensively, and then write honestly about our experience. We also research real users’ reviews with our own opinions about their use. and input this information into our articles. Other articles are written by people who actually do the raring job as well as care.

Though our operations are partially funded by affiliate marketing, we keep our reviews 10% authentic. In fact, we haven’t actively looked for such before.

What to do now?

We believe in the power of interaction and the value of feedback. Here are ways you can engage with Rott Owners:

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Welcome to this fulfilling journey to perfect your swing and love for dogs or your canines(we have 64 different breeds in our kennels). Thank you for being part of this Rott Owner community. Cheers!